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Guided or self-guided walking holidays in Slovenia, combining some of the best hiking in our mountains with leisurely walking tours through our valleys and towns.

Hello! My name is Klemen, and IÔÇÖm the manager of Walking Holidays Slovenia.

As a teenager, I first began to develop my passion for the mountains through mountain biking and skiing. However, with each passing year, I found myself hanging up my skis and strapping on hiking boots more often than not.

As I hiked, I discovered new trails and off-the-beaten paths that showed me the true beauty of SloveniaÔÇÖs diverse terrain. Before long, I became determined to share these experiences with others.

After years of wandering far and wide over Slovenia’s most beautiful mountains and valleys, I decided that this was what I wanted to do for a living: help people discover SloveniaÔÇÖs hidden gems just as they had been revealed to me. 

With encouragement and support from my friends, family and loved ones, Walking Holidays Slovenia came into being!

Diverse Selection of Walking Holidays in Slovenia

Slovenia is a country of numerous landscapes packed into a relatively small land area. Its rich cultural heritage nested in beautiful nature would make anybody impatient to discover its secrets. That makes it a wonderful place for exploration on your feet since the walking distances to the most beautiful sights are not too big to handle.

Short hike to Peričnik Waterfall
Short hike to Peričnik Waterfall

The natural world of Slovenia offers something for everyone: easy walks that take just an hour or two for beginners and beautiful vistas at short distances from the town centres; medium difficulty hikes allowing a few hours’ worth of exercise each day; and challenging treks that will test your endurance and provide some serious vertical gain in the Alps over multiple days.

Walking holidays in Slovenia is the best way to spend your vacation here. Even when you will not be walking, you will be experiencing the country through the authentic food on your plates. After your taste buds are satisfied, visiting the top sights and getting to know our culture will make the holiday perfect.

Expert Team of Local Walking Enthusiasts

I gathered together a team of passionate locals who spend our days exploring our beautiful country, and combine their love for Slovenian nature and hiking with how eager they are to share that with our guests.

Hiking in Drežnica village
Hiking in Drežnica village

There are so many interesting places to visit in Slovenia that it’s hard to decide how to go about it. The huge amount of hiking trails in the country makes planning very flexible, but it also makes it much more difficult, if you donÔÇÖt already have some previous knowledge.

ThatÔÇÖs why our passionate team has carefully designed these Slovenian walking holidays. From some of the best hiking in Slovenia, self-guided walking tours through the valleys and past lakes, to the guided walking tours in the Julian Alps region. We will use our extensive knowledge of the country to accommodate any preferences about spending your holidays in Slovenia.

Our mission is to show our clients and the world all the qualities of Slovenia as a walking destination, as we firmly believe itÔÇÖs one of the most beautiful in the world.

Diverse and Active Holidays at an Affordable Price

I believe that what gives us the advantage over some bigger tourism agencies is our passion and the willingness to work hard and care about the details. 

A hike to Triglav viewpoint Viševnik
A hike to Triglav viewpoint Viševnik

We work without middlemen, directly with the accommodations, restaurants and other local suppliers, to provide the walking holidays at a bargain price that you wonÔÇÖt find anywhere else. Simply said, you get exactly what you pay for. As we are also a financially protected company, book the tour now and donÔÇÖt worry about it later.

For the most diverse vacation, spend a walking holiday in Slovenia. It might last just a week, but the experience will give you so many stories you will tell them for years to come.

If the above somewhat excites you, but you want to do more research before deciding, check out our trusted partners. If you are an active person, but you want to engage in various outdoor activities, visit Slovenia Activities. For an even more diverse range of holidays that combine the leisurely with the active in Slovenia, visit Slovenia Holidays. If you want to make it strictly active, check out Adventure Holidays Slovenia. If your soul is longing for an authentic hut-to-hut adventure in the Slovenian mountains, visit Hut to Hut Hiking Slovenia. And if you would rather tour Slovenia on a bike, head over to Slovenia Cycling Holidays.

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Our hiking tours are designed to take you through the green landscapes of Slovenia, luscious valleys and emerald rivers with mountain backdrops.
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